Dominoraven | Hunter


Tim / 23

Character Name and BattleTag

Dominoraven | Primalwings#1432

Guild leadership prefers that raiders do not have alt-code characters in there name. Is this something that will cause an issue for you?

Not at all    

Main Class/Spec

Hunter / MM/ BM

Armory profile Link

Current Warcraftlogs Link

Post a screenshot of your Raid UI In Combat

Vod of my opulence kill for ui in action :

What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? What recent experience do you have playing them? Would you be comfortable playing any of these alts as your main if you were accepted? Please link their armories and relevant logs if applicable.

I currently only have my hunter at max level on NA servers . However, i have experience playing mage and rogue at a high level

Computer specs

PC specs i7-8086k @ 5.1ghz
16gb DDR4 3200mhz Ram
GTX 1070
Asrock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac
1tb pcie ssd
1440p-144hz monitor
75 down 10 up wired internet
100+fps in raids

Post a screenshot of your ISP speed test

Is your connection stable?

My connection is very stable

Do you have Discord/working mic?

Yes and Yes, i have a quality mic.

What addons do you use? We require Angry Assignments and RC Loot Council for loot distribution.

Outside of elvui i rely on bigiwigs/ weakauras for everything.

What made you consider Unrivaled?  If you are currently raiding, what made you choose to apply to us?

I am interested in joining a group of people that are efficient at clearing raid content, always learning and improving, and enjoy the process of prog. Currently i am raiding in a friends guild and trying to get geared on my US hunter. I am unsatisfied with where i am at because i do not have a guild to call a home due to a transition from EU to US servers.

Raid times will be Tues/Wed from 9:30pm to 1:30am EST (8:30-12:30ST), with the occasional addition of a 3rd night on Mondays, primarily during opening Mythic week, or to add a heroic clear for gear early in the tier.  While we understand sometimes life gets in the way, running a lighter two-night schedule makes it imperative our players do not miss raid nights.  Do you foresee anything in your personal schedule that would cause you to miss raids, including the occasional third night, with any sort of frequency?

I  do not plan on missing any of the raid nights in the foreseeable future. I also have 100% attendance in my current guild.

Give us a pertinent history of your past raiding guilds as well as the reason(s) you parted ways. What content have you cleared in the past while relevant i.e. before the next tier is released? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?  Lastly, list any references you feel would add depth to your character as well as provide us an accurate picture of the kind of player you are.

-My Raiding Experience goes back to firelands when i was a ripe age of 16 raiding with a descent guild named final chapter. we were able to clear 6/7 heroic in a few weeks leading up to dragon soul. Even though i was young as fuck when i started raiding i always kept a mature attitude and was pretty motivated to be better at the game. When Dragon soul came along i was always looking forward to progression and trying to get better at the game. The hard work paid off as most of rankings for dps were in the top percentile. . 

-When MOP come out i raided with Autospy. still being in blues we were able to get a a few u.s top 50 kills on heroic in MSV and we blasted through the rest of mop and wod.

-I raided with legacy reborn on Area-52 for majority of legion before taking a break when TOS released due to a once in a lifetime job opportunity. However, we smashed through Emerald nightmare, Trial of Valor, and Nighthold being in the top us 200 wow guilds and being in the top ten 2-a-night raiding guilds in the US. 

-Raided in EU for the start of BFA. I basically pugged uldir in EU due to my obscure school/work schedule. Just before Switching back to U.S i was a trial in Ecology on EU Kazzak. However, due to another schedule change it was impossible to raid with them consistently. I notified them asap and they completely understood. Now that i have finished my masters I am able to play/raid in my time zone.

0My only reference is Kazz on US Area 52  (GM of Legacy Reborn) 

We want to know the person potentially joining Unrivaled, so tell us about yourself.  It should be noted that we highly favor applicants that take the time to go into detail during this section versus blowing right through it with zero thought.  Include in your answer why you feel you’d be a great asset to us as well as what you desire to receive from your long-term raiding home.   We work tirelessly  to ensure Unrivaled  remains a great place to raid and exclusively desire candidates driven to contributing to our success.

I'm Tim, i work at an exotic car dealership and recently finished my degree. I excel at researching information about my class and about the fights that the guild is progressing on. I've always found micro/niche ways of improving my play style as well. For example, i macro my keyboard to "spam the key while pressed". Instead of mashing keys i hold in the number 1 for example and it spams that shit an infinite number of times. I also record/stream raids for my personal use afterwards to review my mistakes. Another strength that i would consider useful to raiding is my ability to keep a positive attitude. When the raid is going pretty bad and the raid is wiping on farm content i am less angry and more motivational and positive. I feel like my maturity, motivation to progress, and cheekiness will contribute to the guild. I'm serious as fuck when it comes down to progression but have a positive and fun outlook on it. I value myself as a raider due to my ability to avoid the most damage taken while attributing the most DPS and mechanical ability possible needed for a fight. I also have no problem being benched as i understand some class compositions are more beneficial for a specific fight than others. At the end of the day i don't give a fuck about loot and care more about being surrounded by a positive group of people with a solid mindset when it comes to progressing.

I'm not a procrastinator and outside of the game i am constantly busy pushing myself in the gym and always learning new things. 

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