Sashikari - Restoration/Guardian Druid


Character Name and BattleTag

Guild leadership prefers that raiders do not have alt-code characters in there name. Is this something that will cause an issue for you?

Main Class/Spec
-Restoration Druid

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Post a screenshot of your Raid UI In Combat

What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? What recent experience do you have playing them? Would you be comfortable playing any of these alts as your main if you were accepted? Please link their armories and relevant logs if applicable.
-I currently play resto primarily, but am competent with Guardian as well, and played that from BC up through early Uldir, at which point I switched. I have previously played moonkin, but have not played it for some time due to not needing to fill that role

Computer specs
Ryzen 2700x, ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F, 32gb 3200 mhz RAM, GTX960

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Is your connection stable?

Do you have Discord/working mic?

What addons do you use? We require Angry Assignments and RC Loot Council for loot distribution.
-AA/RC Loot Council/Weakauras/DBM

What made you consider Unrivaled?  If you are currently raiding, what made you choose to apply to us?
-I was looking for a guild which was stable but which is also able to utilize the time they raid effectively, as well as running on a 2-3 day schedule at convenient hours.

Raid times will be Tues/Wed from 9:30pm to 1:30am EST (8:30-12:30ST), with the occasional addition of a 3rd night on Mondays, primarily during opening Mythic week, or to add a heroic clear for gear early in the tier.  While we understand sometimes life gets in the way, running a lighter two-night schedule makes it imperative our players do not miss raid nights.  Do you foresee anything in your personal schedule that would cause you to miss raids, including the occasional third night, with any sort of frequency?

Give us a pertinent history of your past raiding guilds as well as the reason(s) you parted ways. What content have you cleared in the past while relevant i.e. before the next tier is released? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?  Lastly, list any references you feel would add depth to your character as well as provide us an accurate picture of the kind of player you are.
-I started playing WoW during vanilla, and raided as a rogue with Drama on Korgath during Black Temple until I left and formed a guild called Tasty Beverage with the main tank of Death and Taxes from Korgath. We cleared Sunwell as a top 50 world guild, and I took over leadership as GM for WotLK, during which time we maintained a comfortable position as a top 50 world guild until I stepped down and took a break save for a small stint in Cataclysm.
-I played a guardian druid from BC up through early Uldir, but switched to resto due to the unfavorable position of guardian druids as tanks, and have played resto through 8/8M Uldir and 3/8M DA, with a few sub 10% wipes on Opulence.

We want to know the person potentially joining Unrivaled, so tell us about yourself.  It should be noted that we highly favor applicants that take the time to go into detail during this section versus blowing right through it with zero thought.  Include in your answer why you feel you’d be a great asset to us as well as what you desire to receive from your long-term raiding home.   We work tirelessly  to ensure Unrivaled  remains a great place to raid and exclusively desire candidates driven to contributing to our success.
-I've long had a great deal of fun raiding and playing WoW, but also enjoy playing RTS, TBS, and 4x games, as well as Overwatch currently. As for why I believe I would be a good fit for Unrivaled, I am willing and able to put in as much effort and work as needed to ensure that the guild stays where it should be and advances, and to help out other members should they request assistance, and as a former leader of a top guild, I am willing to take as much or as little of a mantle of leadership as is needed. I hope to receive a progression-minded atmosphere with a relatively small amount of unfocused distraction during raiding, as there is time for such things when there aren't bosses to kill.

Thank you.

Posted Mon 02.25.2019 12:02 PM