Electron- Resto Shaman/Resto Druid


Character Name and BattleTag

Guild leadership prefers that raiders do not have alt-code characters in there name. Is this something that will cause an issue for you?

Main Class/Spec
-Restoration Shaman

Armory profile Link
- https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/whisperwind/Electro%C3%B1

Current Warcraftlogs Link
- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/whisperwind/electro%C3%B1
- Probably not the kind of logs you normally see from applicants, but note that I leveled this character mere weeks ago right before BOD dropped. With really no help from my old guild before I quit, I've at least tried to show my capabilities in the contexts I've had available. I'd ask that you at least look at my druid's logs linked below for some context.

Post a picture of your current artifact tree, and  any offspecs you plan on playing
- *insert pretty picture of amazing artifact from nostalgic times gone by*

Post a screenshot of your Raid UI In Combat
- https://imgur.com/a/pQMz5TH

What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? What recent experience do you have playing them? Would you be comfortable playing any of these alts as your main if you were accepted? Please link their armories and relevant logs if applicable.
-I played around with enhance a bit in Legion and currently quest/wolo with elemental, but I have never played either in any kind of progression environment. I'd probably be at least passable if required to play one. 
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/whisperwind/Treemotron this was my resto druid main for many years, dating all the way back to Karazhan in TBC. I can play resto druid at a high level pretty much whenever necessary. I think my logs on my druid (from both legion and BFA) provide context for why I think I can succeed in Unrivaled on my resto shaman. 
-I also have experience playing Mistweaver Monk and can play it well. I actually geared my monk for mythic g'huun with about a 2 week notice before I took a break. Alas, because of the short notice and the fact that we extended the raid lockout, I never got to do any mythic Uldir on my monk.  

Computer specs
- Intel Core i5-4690k CPU @3.50GHz
-16.0 GB RAM
-GeForce GTX 1070

Post a screenshot of your ISP speed test
-Not the fastest but aim to fix that. Whoever initially installed it done goofed on the modem location rrrgrrrr.

Is your connection stable?

Do you have Discord/working mic?

What addons do you use? We require Angry Assignments and RC Loot Council for loot distribution.
-I can easily use both. Right now, my main addons are AngryAssignments, WeakAuras, ElvUI, HealerStatWeights, DBM, Exorsus

What made you consider Unrivaled?  If you are currently raiding, what made you choose to apply to us?
- Coming back after over a month off, I knew what I wanted first and foremost: efficiency. When I saw how often you guys raid while still making excellent progress, I knew I had to check you out. It seems like a place I can finally put down some roots with good players and people on a less time consuming schedule.  I work nights 4 days a week and the times fit that schedule. Also, when I whispered Wellsdaddy inquiring about recruitment, he laughed at some corny thing I said, which is always a plus.

Raid times will be Tues/Wed from 9:30pm to 1:30am EST (8:30-12:30ST), with the occasional addition of a 3rd night on Mondays, primarily during opening Mythic week, or to add a heroic clear for gear early in the tier.  While we understand sometimes life gets in the way, running a lighter two-night schedule makes it imperative our players do not miss raid nights.  Do you foresee anything in your personal schedule that would cause you to miss raids, including the occasional third night, with any sort of frequency?
-I can make main raid times all the time outside some unforeseen special circumstances. In terms of Mondays, my mandatory overtime day (when it is called) is Monday night, so on those days I could not raid. However, those mostly occur around the holidays (Thanksgiving-Christmas) and do no occur with any sort of frequency outside of those times. If it does conflict, I will be able to give advanced notice.

Give us a pertinent history of your past raiding guilds as well as the reason(s) you parted ways. What content have you cleared in the past while relevant i.e. before the next tier is released? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?  Lastly, list any references you feel would add depth to your character as well as provide us an accurate picture of the kind of player you are.
- I've raided on and off ever since the start of TBC. More recently, I came back in the middle of WOD and joined Single Ladies on Greymane in BRF. We cleared up to Blast Furnace. In HFC, the guild fell apart after Tyrant went down, so I joined Nimbus on Whisperwind. They had already killed Archimonde but I easily slotted in and performed well. Sadly, Nimbus wasn't able to maintain many of our players going into Legion, which resulted in slower progression and the guild falling apart on botanist in NH. I joined Solution on Greymane, my old server, and got cutting edge for Guldan. In Tomb, I left Solution during Maiden progression because of some disagreements with the raid leadership and because an old friend from Single Ladies was trying to make a 2 night guild, Everything Is Fine. I really wanted to cut back to 2 nights, hoping that he could really make it work. I remain on very good terms with Solution, including with their GM, their raid leader, and their healing officer, Runelin (who has kindly let me use her as a reference). In fact, players from Solution have been the ones helping me gear my shaman so quickly.  EiF, sadly, did not kill KJ for cutting edge, but we did get Argus cutting edge. I was also promoted to Heal Lead. Going into BFA, I was promised that there would be a renewed push for higher progression and more consistent, serious, and efficient play. That did no turn out to be the case. After mythrax, I realized that between my ramping up holiday schedule and the guild's mediocre progress, I had no desire to continue, so I took a break. There was also growing tension between myself and the GM. The GM and all but one officer ended up quitting after they got G'Huun.
-Throughout, not matter the progression or state of the guild, I have performed at a high level, and have always endeavored to make any guild I'm in successful.

We want to know the person potentially joining Unrivaled, so tell us about yourself.  It should be noted that we highly favor applicants that take the time to go into detail during this section versus blowing right through it with zero thought.  Include in your answer why you feel you’d be a great asset to us as well as what you desire to receive from your long-term raiding home.   We work tirelessly  to ensure Unrivaled  remains a great place to raid and exclusively desire candidates driven to contributing to our success.
- As I said, my name is Chris and I am a Midwesterner born and raised. I am actually a licensed attorney, but I do not currently practice (long story heh). That at least explains why I am so wordy. I love Graeter's ice cream (shameless hometown plug). I am a lover of classical music, anime, and epic fantasy novels. I love corny or sarcastic jokes. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, carriage rides in the park, moonlit picnics, and spewing complete falsehoods. :P  
-I would be a great asset to Unrivaled because I love raiding, and more specifically I love healing in raids. On top of the fact that I am very good at healing (other than holy paladin blech), I have always enjoyed that the healers have to truly work as a team. While there is room for individual glory, it is about the collective effort of the healers. While that could be said about raids more generally, the healers embody that concept more than any other role.  Because of this, as heal lead and even just as a minor peon, when I am part of a healing core, my true goal is that WE succeed. Also, I am relentless in trying to find and fix the issue when I am not performing up to a high standard. There is a large difference in my shaman logs from the first week back raiding heroic to the second.  I am not afraid of high expectations, and I am also not afraid to admit when I screwed up. I have many years of experience healing in progression raid settings and have consistently performed at a higher level than my progression would suggest. Also, I have never and will never go into a progression boss without having done at least some research on the mechanics and possible strategies for that boss. I consider it the height of laziness and disrespect to fellow raiders when someone comes to a fight completely unprepared.
- It has been many years since I've had a stable, high functioning home in this game. I am looking for a place with people who aren't content with mediocrity, who challenge me to play better and at a high level, but don't expect me to give my life to this game; a guild where, when I eventually do stop raiding completely, I can log on and hang out/play with good, competent people. Most importantly, I desire a guild where the members respect one another as people, not just players. 

If you have made it all the way down to the bottom, thank you for listening to this old windbag. I truly appreciate your consideration of my application.

Posted Sat 03.02.2019 5:22 AM