Whytefyre - Brewmaster Monk


Character Name and BattleTag

Guild leadership prefers that raiders do not have alt-code characters in there name. Is this something that will cause an issue for you?
Not at all, I learned to truly hate alt-codes during ghuun.

Main Class/Spec

Armory profile Link

Current Warcraftlogs Link

Post a picture of your current artifact tree, and  any offspecs you plan on playing
I dont think i have an old screenshot of it, or i would :(

Post a screenshot of your Raid UI In Combat

What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? What recent experience do you have playing them? Would you be comfortable playing any of these alts as your main if you were accepted? Please link their armories and relevant logs if applicable.
I'm not comfortable playing any other specs on my monk besides brewmaster. However before swapping to my brewmaster I played my druid as guardian and feel much more comfortable on it. I've also played it as feral and a little boomkin, but I could not honestly say I play it at a "similar level." I enjoy tanking and do it as often as I can. I would absolutely be comfortable playing my guardian druid if I could, however we all know what a terrible place they are in. As far as experience, I tanked on my druid for as long as I can remember, until Ghuun when I boosted and geared the monk solely for that fight...yea that's a fun fight to learn how to tank on an entirely different class. 

Computer specs
Processor- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU
RAM- 8.00 GB
Graphics Card- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Post a screenshot of your ISP speed test

Is your connection stable?

Do you have Discord/working mic?

What addons do you use? We require Angry Assignments and RC Loot Council for loot distribution.
Elvui, DBM, Angry Assignments, Weak Auras, RC Loot Council, and XRT are the main ones

What made you consider Unrivaled?  If you are currently raiding, what made you choose to apply to us?
Wellsdaddy reached out to me and after talking his ear off for about 2 hours he convinced me to apply!

Raid times will be Tues/Wed from 9:30pm to 1:30am EST (8:30-12:30ST), with the occasional addition of a 3rd night on Mondays, primarily during opening Mythic week, or to add a heroic clear for gear early in the tier.  While we understand sometimes life gets in the way, running a lighter two-night schedule makes it imperative our players do not miss raid nights.  Do you foresee anything in your personal schedule that would cause you to miss raids, including the occasional third night, with any sort of frequency?
I have not missed a raid since Antorus opening, and I do not forsee any reason that I would miss one. It's the unfortunate/fortunate life of a tank to never be late or absent from a raid. 

Give us a pertinent history of your past raiding guilds as well as the reason(s) you parted ways. What content have you cleared in the past while relevant i.e. before the next tier is released? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?  Lastly, list any references you feel would add depth to your character as well as provide us an accurate picture of the kind of player you are.
Oh god....I'll put a TLDR at the bottom if you want to skip all this. Here we go, hope you enjoy the ride. I began playing this game in Vanilla on the Shadowmoon server. I was "brought up" in a guild called Eternals which was a Naxx 40 guild, so I really didn't understand anything other than raiding. After Eternals fell apart I joined the only other raiding guild on that server called Faith. Raiding 30 hours a week was entirely normal to me and I thought that's how this game was played! I finally had my feet wet in the raiding scene when BC dropped and raided in a guild called KoHF on Shadowmoon, it was also at this point that I swapped to my druid. Raided all through BC until Sunwell, yes I still have my tainted core macro from Vashj, and we stopped at M'uru because it was basically impossible pre-nerf. Wrath came along and I decided to try my hand at a little higher progression raiding, so I applied to Pure on Antonidas. I was accepted and fullfilled my trial with them on the bench missing out on the server first titles until Yogg in Ulduar. Funny story time! Don't fuck and trade nudes to raiders when your wife is your main officer! This caused the death of Pure. I created a guild on the same server called Axiom which raided through ICC. Sidenote, Pure did come back and they took goddamn Grand Crusader from us 15 minutes before we killed it...but no..I swear im not bitter. SIDE SIDE note, I played feral in most of this expac, armor penn was so broken. What expac are we on now? Oh Cata, that's right. I honestly don't remember what guild I was in, however I do remember i took a little break progressing super hard in Firelands, I think I was still in Axiom at the time because I failed my trial with Refined on Area-52 (They moved to Thrall afterwards). Big blank spot. Ok, lets get on to MoP. The cutting edge titles would be more impressive if I could remember where I got them. Then you probably look and wonder "well what happened to Throne of Thunder?" It was at this point i took time off to PvP more seriously and go for a rank 1 title, didnt get it. RIP. WoD came around and I dont think I raided at all. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and get myself all sorted. Now for Legion. I didnt go too hard, just casually raided in guilds called Obsidian and Hubris until ToS came out. My friends contacted me about needing a tank to come join their guild called Non-Profit. This guild was formed because of the former GM named profit who ninja'd the guldan mount. 90% of their team left and reformed this guild. I raided with them throughout ToS and when we got to KJ, we did about 10 pulls and said "no thank you." Antorus comes along and some of the old players from Non-Profit join/create a guild called Friendly Banter on Stormrage, others (including myself) went to a guild Called Averse on Sargeras. Averse lasted until Coven which fell apart after people quitting and the GM refusing to try anymore (was an officer in this guild also). Afterwards I joined a guild called Probably Naked, which killed up to Aggramar and fell apart because the GM was having sex with guild members while still being married, then lied to the entire raid team about leaving for a work trip when she actually went to visit a guildie (WHILE STILL MARRIED) and move him down to Texas with her. God...i cannot make this shit up.I swear, I've had it up to here with couples in positions of power in a guild. So she refused to give up the guild/power and the raiders left to create Keystone Raiders. Keystone raiders killed Agg/Argus and went on to kill Ghuun  and up to Opulence. Keystone Raiders fell apart because the GM/MT/RL had a career opportunity that he would have been foolish not to take. Hell, I would have gquit if he didnt take it because I would refuse to follow someone who's priorities were so out of whack. Now, that brings me here to Premonition. It was the first guild that was actually looking for a tank when i created a forum post about 3ish week ago. The guys are great, but the attendance is abysmal. Out of a regularly scheduled 9 hour raid week, the average raid time is 4-5. Since I've joined, there has not been a single full raid week. It's not like me to leave a guild until the bitter end, but this is ridiculous. I've voiced my concerns, however nothing seems to be done about it. All in all, I have never left a guild on bad terms honestly, and rarely have i left it until it had crumbled down and there was nothing I could do to keep it going. 
Have I ever been in a position of leadership or responsibility? Absolutely, besides being an officer in multiple guilds, I feel that tanks are often in positions of responsibility for the entire raid. If a DPS or healer makes a mistake, the pull can be recovered, however if a tank makes a mistake, the consequences are far more severe. They need to know what is happening before the events unfold to position the boss or direct the fight in a way that presents the highest chance for success. Tanks need to be vocal and communicate not only with each other and the healers, but also the dps. Healers get to click bars and dps get to stare at their Details meter... IM JOKING...kinda. 
References - Emryk Holy Paladin-Area 52 (horde)
                     Bumstalk Rogue-Stormrage (alliance)
                     Hype Druid - Tichondrius (horde)
                     Gorethokk Deathknight - Zul'jin (horde)
                     Twototheone Shadowpriest - Mal'Ganis (horde)

 If you want more, please let me know!
TLDR; Raided long time. Get hit in face a lot. Stays in guild until end of guild, not to jump/change ranks, they don't matter to me. Played at high end content and casually. Push buttons, get hit, give loot. MAKE BAER GUD AGAIN.
We want to know the person potentially joining Unrivaled, so tell us about yourself.  It should be noted that we highly favor applicants that take the time to go into detail during this section versus blowing right through it with zero thought.  Include in your answer why you feel you’d be a great asset to us as well as what you desire to receive from your long-term raiding home.   We work tirelessly  to ensure Unrivaled  remains a great place to raid and exclusively desire candidates driven to contributing to our success.

If you actually read through that entire raiding history, go take a break, get some water, maybe take a nap because this answer isn't going to be any shorter. By the way, see wellsdaddy, I didn't forget to make an app, I JUST TYPE A LOT. I'm not sure what to say though to be honest. 31/M/DC, send nudes? oh fuck, this isnt Grindr...I MEAN TINDER. Enough joking around. I'm a college graduate with two degrees (history and criminal justice) and guess what I do with those degrees....? Absolutely nothing (Thanks dad). Professionally I am a firefighter and a paramedic in Washington DC. Here's a look into my life at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54G9wKByyZo&t=4s My job makes my life get pretty serious at times, so I understand how to turn that switch on from joking around to game face in an instant. I went to all boys schools up until college (yea yea, get the jokes out now) and graduated from a small school called Elon University in NC where i went to play rugby. I'm fairly competitive by nature which is funny because I am also insanely shy at first. Now, what does all this have to do with me being a great fit for you? Pretty simple, I understand what it means to be a team player and I have no problem stepping up to a task when I am called upon. I also am very understanding of guild/team dynamics and what it means to be the new kid on the team (it means get served last and do everyone's dishes until you earn your spot). I also understand motivation and how some people need different methods of motivation and ways to learn a fight. As far as what I'm looking for, you nailed it when you said "home." That's all I look for in WoW now. Somewhere I can play this game with like minded individuals and enjoy myself because I am playing FOR others as they are playing for me. I don't just raid log, and I'm not looking for a guild where 19 other people log on to raid, then log off. If I'm not raiding, youll see me online farming mounts/AP/pvp/low keys/10,11,12's or doing other random stuff just because I enjoy this game still somehow and I enjoy the friends who play it. Also, if im not online, just DM me on discord and ill come rushing home from the gym to help in any way I can. I mentioned it to wellsdaddy before and I'll say it again, finding guilds in WoW is easy, finding a home is insanely difficult. This is a major reason as to why I am at 3/9M now. I was attatched to Keystone Raiders and cried my eyes out with the other officers when we decided to stop raiding. We worked non stop to make sure every raider had a new team to go to or at least trial at, calling in old favors, liquidating the guild bank so people had funds to transfer/faction change, and apologizing relentlessly for letting them down. However, it was what I was looking for, a home. Looking at my history you can see I know how to play this game at whatever level is needed for the team, and all I am looking for in return is a place to call home, friends to play with, and maaaaaaybe a monk pro to help me with my gameplay until it gets as strong as my guardian gameplay. 

If you made it this far, go to your nearest warlock and tell them to give you a cookie, you desrve it. Holy fuck...that was worse than a GM joke, i apologize. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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