Brewsoffire - Mistweaver


Michael Kreilein 27

brewsoffire Firecreep#1110

Alt codes is a non issue for me

Monk - Mistweaver

All of the guilds that I have raided with in the past have private logged mythic I do have some non relevant heroic logs as well as Legion logs on my paladin

Skill tree link

Here is a video of my Mythic G'huun kill US 70 pre nerf

I do enjoy dps but most guilds that i have joined preferred a healer to me dps'ing Up until this week I have mained holly paladin. Played boomkin as an alt for fun during legion my Monk is the only healer I currently have up to date but if it is wanted I can gear one of my other characters. to do what is needed.

Comp specs i7-7700K CPUT @ 4.20GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

My internet is stable 

Elv Ui, DBM,  clique some quality of life addons that don't affect raid. 

I am available all nights. If something comes up its either an emergency or an event with future knowledge.

I have raided in legion till the end with Deimos, left because I was going to Germany for a couple months. Took a break up until now.

I do not want to join a guild blind, I know Thearcanine and we have healed together in deimos. From what I hear the guild sounds like what I am looking for. I am hoping to join with a friend of mine Zrall. My warcraftlogs have been sucked into nether realm for some reason and I can't find appropriate links I am however willing to talk about what ever is needed.

Posted Fri 04.19.2019 10:53 PM