Brandon Wyatt, 21

Zakale and Zakale #1518

I do not have issues with alt codes. 

Blood/frost Death knight


Warcraft logs:

I have a prist that can go shadow or Disc. Monk that is brewmaster. I most tank, heal and dps alt runs is about the extent. I mostly played my blood dk.

I have discord and a working mic

I use Elvui, Details, DBM, Exorus Raid tools. I can download whatever addon you guys required.

What made me choose unrivaled is because i made friends with two people who were in your guild Dubedition and Darte

 Wednesday maybe a little late. I won't get out till 9pm server but I think I can talk to my boss about rescheduling. Other then that works the only thing that would get in the way of me raiding. And if i'm going on vacation, I'll let you guys know.

I used to been the GM/RL for Slyvanas Awakens. I quit because I wasn't happy with our progress and I wanted to get things done and push keys and do things on my alts as well as my main. But that didn't and never happened. I kept getting back on my dk and had to tank every mythic +. I have every class in the game and I can change a couple of their names if they become an issue. I just mostly mess around with them.

As I said I'm Brandon Wyatt. I want to just raid and push content and make a friends along the way. I'm pretty flexible about whatever people want. I really don't care to get mounts and pets. I stream everything I do on twitch,

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Long time no see.  Thank you for taking the time to apply with us, however we're not currently in the market to add a DK to the roster. Best of luck in your continued search, and long live Sylvanas awakens!

Posted Sun 06.02.2019 1:48 PM